SNIPER is an ASUS TUF (The Ultimate Force) 4K gaming computer built for top performance. Delivers minimal bottlenecks and high data transfer rates and 4K streaming 'magic'

Service Cost


Computer RESCUE has a no repair, no charge policy*
*Does not negate additional disclosed and agreed costs for:
postage, time-of-day, urgency, diagnostic, parts, and mileage.
(when requesting a technician on site, the standard is $0.50/mile with a $10 minimum)

Our services may require visitation to businesses and homes or a lab evaluation of your system. Therefore, email exchange is appropriate to provide legal record and documentation of requests, invitations, agreed services and property exchange.

Show us where we can validate a better price for the certification backed services we provide and we will match the price* for each issue accordingly. *subject to service area and excludes disclosed and agreed travel costs.

Computer RESCUE is a member owned service. This business model is designed to:
network technicians with customers; remove employer, third-party alternate interest liabilities; and to enable services at the lowest competitive cost.